Bobs Fishing hole
SAT.TOURN AMENT HOURS safe lite to 3pm

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Registration for Sunday Catfish tourney is now open.. But must bring cash to enter and secure your place in line for blast off.

Winter Series Bass starts this Saturday, 11-23-2019,
3 fish limit and blast off 8am

BOBS 2019 TRAIL CLASSIC 1st place Mark London & John Goodman .. Lunker award John Lane 5.91#s and AOY RUSSELL GAMMON 249.53#s...

2019-2020 CRAPPIE TOURNEYS HAVE BEEN DROPPED FOR THIS SEASON ... Help spread the word...

  Dalton Waters ,Tim Weddle , & Al Napier Memorial  Tournament
Was on 9-15-2019    AND THE
WINNERS ARE Russell & John with 24.77#s Lunker award goes to Joey's mule at 7.65#s NOTE :
in the future this will be called the MEMORIAL TOURNAMENT

LAST Wed. nite 2019 IS THIS WED. 10-30-19. Thanks for making it a great season ...


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dennis said:   December 14, 2019 3:04 pm PST
Sat. 12-14-2019 results : 2 boats 2 anglers & 2 limits 1st place Russell Gammon with 3 for 17.93#s and a mule of a lunker at 8.35#s... 2nd place Stan Krason with 3 for 6.64#s... They decided to give James $100 each with winner take all ... Congratulations Russell !!!!!!!!! Don't for get the catfish tourney tomorrow .. We have 4 already signed up.. So come on down to the HOLE and catch some big uns. Then come in hungry for some good Bar B Que sandwiches....

dennis said:   December 11, 2019 10:37 am PST
Early entry for the catfish tourney this Sunday is now open. But you must bring cash. I put this on FB a couple of hours ago and "Seems to be a little confusion about early entry. You may come today or any time before Sunday and pay your entry fee of $150.00. Or pay it on Sunday. When you enter will determine your place in blast off on Sunday. Don't forget to choose which kind of Bar B Que you prefer and how many sandwiches you and your team wants. Anglers food is free, but $2.00 for all other folks. James has plenty of drinks and chips you may purchase. let James know if you have family & friends will want a sandwich."

dennis said:   December 7, 2019 5:21 pm PST
After the catfish tourney we will be serving Bar B Que sandwiches. Be sure at sign in to check if you prefer vinegar or sweet sauce. and if one or two sandwiches. chips and soda also provided. Free for anglers. If you wish for family and friends to have some it will be at $2.00 per sandwich but we must also know, what kind and how many...Weather permitting.. Help spread the word...

dennis said:   December 7, 2019 4:47 pm PST
12-7-2019 Sat. Bass Results: 5 boats. 9 anglers .4 limits 1st place Stan Krason & Joshua Overton with 3 for 7,40#s their BF 3.52#s... 2nd place Dave Dozier & Richard Hall with 3 for 7.13#s Richard had todays luniker award at 3.59#s.. 3rd place Gabe Himmelwright with 3 for 6.16#s... 4th place Dustin Alley & Joey Derezinski with 4 for 5.04#s... 5th place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 2 for 2.74#s... Congratulations to Stan & Joshua for 1st place and to Richard for the lunker... There was NO crappie tourney today... We have decided to drop the Crappie event help spread the word.. Go to Braggin Rights for todays pics..

dennis said:   December 3, 2019 1:32 pm PST
WE plan on having a catfish tourney on the 15 December 2019. $150.00 entry fee plus 5.00 ramp fee. with 97.5% payback. With James keeping $3.75.00 per boat. All we have for scales will be our old ground spring scales. Will be 8am to 3pm. Will be a 3 fish limit. All fish must be alive or 1# penalty for each dead fish. May use live bait, cut bait, or artificial bait. Each boat may use max. 20 noodles, and be in sight of them when they are deployed. May keep the fish or eat them. Or we will give unwanted fish to Hope Haven Mission in VA. B each, or to Elizabeth City Teen Challenge. If this is your choice to give the meat to one of these great ministry's , we will have a fish cleaning session immediately following the tournament. Don't usually do this but want to ask if you all would like us to add or change any thing to the above? Would you like to have cook out when you all get in? etc...?

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