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SAT.TOURN AMENT HOURS safe lite to 3pm

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Bobs 160 Bass Series. Entry fee $160.00 5 fish limit Safe lite to 3pm Paying one place for every 5 boats up to 15 boats..Tournament director reserves the right to make changes the day of the event. See flyer at the store for more details. 
Dates: March 2nd & 16th
April 13th  May 18th NO Classic but added 3 tourneys June 15th, July 13th and August 10th...

Bobs 2019 Trail dates are:
Feb. 24th
March 10th and 24th
April 7th and 28th
May 5th and 19th
June 2nd and 23rd.
July 7th and 21st
August 4th and 25th
Sept 8th and 22nd (Memorial tournament on 15th)
Oct. 6th with Classic 26 & 27th
Entry fee $60 per boat Safe lite to 3pm. Bobs Rules below apply

  Bass tournaments start at Safe lite to 3pm with 5 fish limit. All Bobs regular rules apply..

  Must have fresh water fishing license if 16 and older


Wednesday:     Beginning June 5 2019
 Entrance fee $30.00 per boat includes $5.00 launch fee
Starts:  Blast off
5:00 pm

Ends:  appx. 15 min. after sunset

  Safe lite to 3:00 pm (begins 03-03-19)
Entry fee is $25 per person of that $5 goes to lunker
Boat ramp fee $5 is additional
pay out: one place for every 5 anglers up to maximum of 3 places
Tournament rules!

-5 fish limit - must be at least 12 inches, no more than 5 fish in live well at any one time. If you bring short fish to the scales, it will result in the loss of your largest fish and the short fish. Each dead fish is a 4 oz. penalty (.25 on our scales) example: 10# weight with one dead fish your recorded weight will be 9.75#s...
-Must return to dock and check in with tourney official INSIDE NO WAKE ZONE (even if you leave early, so everyone may be accounted for & no one left on the river) , wear life vest while gas motor is running, obey no wake zone and observe safe boating practices, no fishing between no wake signs, No alcohol during tourney, and NO fishing while not in your boat(exiting your boat to fish elsewhere). If you start with a Partner, you must check in with your partner(emergency exceptions may apply at sole discretion of tourney director.) Must stay 50 yrds. from another fisherman  in the tourney.  Violators of any of the above rules may be disqualified. Any protest must be relayed to tourney official prior to start of weigh in. In the event of a tie, big fish will break the tie, if neither fisherman weighed his BF then coin toss will break the tie. You May enter no later than 30 minutes after official blast off. Must have 5 boats to be called tourney. We will hold the money for less than 5 boats entered, for the people wishing to fish against each other. All fish must be released at weigh in , into the river @ Bobs. Once all boats have blasted off, all monies considered part of the payout. NOTE; this new written rule effective 6-10-18

(See store for complete tournament rules)
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