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Bobs 2019 bass Trails 5th event  Sunday 4-28-19. Tournament page for more details.

Bobs $160 Bass Series  Next one is May 18th

Bobs next catfish tourney April 27th Help spread the word...

Spring and summer hours for blast off are now safe lite, unless otherwise posted or noted, to 3pm

                Bob’s Fishing Hole

2018 Bass Tournament Trail

1st place Kevin Mills

10 fish for 28.63#s

AOY Angler of the Year

Jeremy Gatewood



   Dalton Waters & Tim Weddle Memorial  Tournament : 2018
WINNERS are Chris Carmel & Steve Albertson..
If 16 and older must have freshwater fishing license.
Showing: 21-25 of 1890
dennis said:   March 9, 2019 6:21 pm PST
3-9-19 Bass Chasers open results: 19 boats. 33 anglers. 7 limits.. 1st place Kevin Mills & Tim Ackal with 5 for 17.19 plus Kevin had todays lunker at 5.29#s... 2nd place Andrew George & Jordan Sanderlin with 5 for 13.90#s... 3rd place Kevin Love & Brian Skeens with 5 for 13.25#s with their BF 4.55#s.. 4th place Clay Powers & Paul Nolan with 5 for 12.95#s... 5thplace Josh & Hunter Clark with 5 for 12.43#s... 6th place Chris Clark & Larry Haywood with 5 for 10.21#s. their BF 3.65#s... 7th place Corey Hamilton & Brad Webb with 5 for 9.78#s... 8th place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 4 for 9.13#s their BF 5.02#s... 9th place Cody Wilson & Keith Jones with 4 for 8.07#s. their BF 3.91#s... 10th place Greg Anderson & Jimmy Gordon with 3 for 7.40#s... 11th place Stan Krason with 4 for 6.93#s... 12th place Curtis Poggenpohl & Tim Chaffin with 4 for 6.75#s their BF 3.37#s... 13th Charles Duke with 3 for 3.96#s... 14th place Keith Lynch with 2 for 3.18#s... Those that did not weigh: Chaz Carrington.... Robert Liberatore & Brad Busby ... Steve Carlson ... Nick Meek & Todd Hemperley .... Perry & Johnny Gordon ... Congratulations to Kevin & Tim for 1st place and to Kevin for today's lunker...

dennis said:   March 4, 2019 1:23 pm PST
I know the weather is not feeling a lot like spring but it is coming. In fact clocks spring forward this Sunday. so don't forget to set clocks ahead Saturday night. This means Wednesday night tourneys start next week. Our 1st Wednesday night tourney is 3-13-2019. Blast off at 4pm, help spread the word. You all were terrific about sharing the 160 event. We had over 84 shares. So please do it again and share this message, to help get the word out for our 1st Wednesday night tourney of 2019. Thanks for choosing Bobs!

dennis said:   March 2, 2019 6:55 pm PST
Next Saturday we are combining our regular bass tournament with Bass Chasers.. Entry fee is $35.00 plus $5.00 boat ramp..Total entry fee is $40.00... Safe lite to 4pm.. of the entry fee $10.00 goes to lunker pot.. There are no off limits... Except fishing too close to another tournament boat.. Go to Bass Chasers web site for complete rules. Bobs 2019 Trail is the day after this tourney Sunday March 10th. Help spread the word.

dennis said:   March 2, 2019 6:24 pm PST
3-2-2019 Bobs 160 results: 15 boats. 26 anglers 5 limits: 1st place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 5 for 16.38#s and lunker Jim caught a beauty 6.18#s... total $1,080.00 2nd place Kevin Powell & Joey Derezinski with 5 for 15.74#s their BF 5.10#s... total $603.00 3rd place Kevin Mills & Tim Ackal with 5 for winnings $403.00 4th place Ian VanDyke with 2 for 8.88#s.... if only 3 more.Ian next time grab a partner.. 5th place Russell Gammon & John Lane with 4 for 8.49#s... 6th place Jeremy Maye with 5 for 7.36#s... 7th place David Dozier & Nelson Anderson with 5 for 7.14#s.... 8th place Randy Ruffin & Seth Flynt with one for 5.11#s... 9th place Jesse Ewing & Mike Manning with 3 for 4.89#s 10th place Stan Krason & Cody Wilson with 2 for 3.28#s 11th place Charles Duke with 2 for 2.78#s... Those that did not weigh: Clay Powers & Paul Nolan .. Daniel & Chuck Farris... Andrew George & Jordan Sanderlin.. Henry Boyd & John Buddles... Congratulations to Jim & Cathy 1st place $1,005.. and to Jim for lunker $75.00 Many smiling faces in the top three places... This is our 1st of 4 $160 events.. Weather kept a few home .. What will 1st place winnings look like if we can get 20 or 25 boats for the next event on March 16th.... Help spread the word... Thanks for choosing Bobs. Go to Braggin Rights for todays pictures...

dennis said:   February 28, 2019 7:25 pm PST
Saturday looks to be no rain for most of the day. I can't tell you how many folks each year ask for a higher entry fee. When we started the Trail with higher entry fee, we still got requests for higher entry fee. Well here it is folks. "BOBS 160 Bass Tournament". As all of you know we don't have a lot of money to advertise., so we rely on all of you to get the word out. And you did respond with , I think , 10 shares for this tourney on Saturday. This being our first 160 event we have no idea how many boats will show up. Flyers At the HOLE...More info at go to Tournament Page.. So grab a partner and come support your local fishing Hole.

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