Bobs Fishing hole
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Bobs 2018 Trail Flyer at Bobs with dates and rules.  Next ones Aug. 5th & 19th Also posted on Facebook go to Tournament page for dates.WE ADDED ONE EVENT IN OCTOBER ON THE 14th.  The Classic Oct. 27th & 28th 2018
                Bob’s Fishing Hole

2017 Bass Tournament Trail

1st place Eddie Sapp & Jarred Allbritten

10 fish for 27.99#s


Dalton/Weddle Memorial tourney will be on Sept. 16th 2018. Mark your calendars for the Fun, Food, & Prizes... Help spread the word..

   Dalton Waters & Tim Weddle Memorial  Tournament : 2017
WINNERS are Mike Evans & Jeff Garnes with 19.75#s
If 16 and older must have freshwater fishing license.
Showing: 21-25 of 1770
dennis said:   July 7, 2018 1:02 pm PST
Sat. 7-7-18 results: 16 boats.. 26 anglers.. 1 limits.. 1st place Josh Clark & Kevin Mills with 5 for 19.41#s their BF 5.85#s... 2nd place Robert Liberatore & Brad Busby with 5 for 18.17#s and Brad had todays lunker a hog at 6.25#s... 3rd place Jared Allbritten & Eddie Sapp with 5 for 13.21#s. 4th place Jeremy Gatewood & Charlie Reed with 5 for 12.56#s... 5th place Chris Clark & Larry Haywood with 5 for 11.30#s.. their BF 3.85#s... 6th place David Dozier with 5 for 10.92#s his BF 4.61#s.. 7th place Ian VanDyke with 5 for 10.42#s ... 8th place Charles & Diana Ruffin with 4 for 9.33#s their BF 4.15#s... 9th place Clay Powers with 5 for 9.10#s... 10th place Daniel Moore with 4 for 9.08#s..his BF a pig at 5.88#s... 11th place Richard Hall & Kevin Poloy with 5 for 8.66#s. 12th place Jim Sumrell & Cahty Brandt with 5 for 8.51#s. 13th place James & Grayson Baker with 5 for 7.58#s.. 14th place Perry & John Gordon with 2 for 5.65#s... Those that did not weigh: Russ Fetters.... Danny Maloney.... Congratulations to Josh & Kevin for 1st place and to Brad for todays lunker...

dennis said:   July 4, 2018 6:11 pm PST
Wed 7-4-18 results: 6 boats . 11 anglers.. 4 limits.. 1st place David Dozier & Richard Hall with 5 for 11.67#s.. 2nd place David & Holly Keisel with 5 for 11.05#s their BF 3.85#s... 3rd place JP & Mike Scott with 5 for 10.06#s and JP had tonights lunker at 4.00#s.. 4th place Jeff Garnes with 5 for 8.62#z.. his BF 2.42#s.. 5th place Eddie Sapp & Stan Krason with 1 for 1.85#s Darrell & Dylan Kidd did not weigh. Congratulations to David & Richard for 1st place and to JP for the lunker...

dennis said:   July 4, 2018 12:08 pm PST
July 4th tourney 2018 results: 12 boats. 18 anglers 8 limits. 1st place Robert Liberatore & Brad Busby with 5 for 19.46#s and Robert had todays lunker a hog at 6.78#s... 2nd place Kevin Mills with 5 for 19.32#s. very close... 3rd place Keith Webb with 5 for 16.58#s his BF 5.79#s... 4th place David Dozier & Nelson Anderson with 5 for 14.61#s... 5th place Chris & Megan Carlesi with 5 for 12.57#s... 6th place Steve Bailey & Bobby More with 5 for 11.95#s their BF 4.16#s.. 7th place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 4 for 11.36#s their BF 4.14#s... 8th place Jeremy Gatewood with 5 for 9.14#s.. 9th place Chris Clark & Larry Haywood with 5 for 8.28#s. 10th place Perry Gordon with 4 for 7.08#s.. 11th place Mike Abel with 3 for 5.68#s.. Brian Skeens didn't weigh.... Congratulations to Robert and Brad 1st place and to Robert for todays lunker...If you guys have any pics email them to me at Anyone coming back at 5pm?//

dennis said:   July 2, 2018 8:15 am PST
Wed. 6-27-18 results: 12 boats.. 20 anglers.. one limit.. 1st place Tyler & Chase Glazebrook with 5 for 12.18#s their BF 3.51#s... 2nd place Darrell & Dylan Kidd with 4 for 8.01#s their BF 3.53#s... 3rd place James Baker & Aaron Miller with 3 for 7.65#s and James had the lunker at 4.51#s... 4th place TE Jones with 3 for 6.40#s his BF 2.80#s... 5th place Jesse Pearce & Sean Katz with 3 for 4.91#s.. 6th place Stan Krayson with 2 for 3.92#s... 7th place Chris & Casey Carlesi with 2 for 3.55#s... 8th place Mark Ingram & Joey Derezinski with 2 for 3.20#s... Those that did not weigh: Jay & ????? Lewis.. Steve Albertson... Mike Evans & Joe Glazebrook... Jeremy Gatewood... Congratulations to Tyler & Chase.. and to James for the lunker... Sorry folks, I just forgot to do the entry.. Please don't let me get so far away for the date, and call or text me ... Thanks!!!!

dennis said:   June 30, 2018 5:12 pm PST
By popular request we will be having our regular Wed. nite tourney at 5 pm.On the 4th of July. This is a change, so we need all the help we can get to spread the word.. This is a 1st for us to have 2 bass tourneys on the same day.. Happy 4th to all. God Bless America!

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