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Wed. nite blast off at 4:00 starting 9-19-18 Help spread the word..

Bobs 2018 Trail Flyer at Bobs with dates and rules.  Next ones OCT. 14th & 21st Also posted on Facebook go to Tournament page for dates.WE ADDED ONE EVENT IN OCTOBER ON THE 14th.  The Classic Oct. 27th & 28th 2018
                Bob’s Fishing Hole

2017 Bass Tournament Trail

1st place Eddie Sapp & Jarred Allbritten

10 fish for 27.99#s


   Dalton Waters & Tim Weddle Memorial  Tournament : 2018
WINNERS are Chris Carmel & Steve Albertson..
If 16 and older must have freshwater fishing license.
Showing: 21-25 of 1803
dennis said:   September 8, 2018 3:08 pm PST
Sat 9-8-18 results: 14 boats . 22 anglers . 7 limits.. 1st place Steve Albertson & Jeremy Gatewood with 5 for 18.14#s and Steve's lunker for today a pig at 5.34#s.. 2nd place Russell Gammon & John Lane with 5 for 14.34#s.. their BF 4.39#s... 3rd place Chris Carlesi with 5 for 12.78#s his BF 4.17#s... 4th place Mark London with 5 for 12.16#s... 5th place Chris Kesler & Jay S. with 5 for 11.46#s their BF 4.34#s... 6th place Charles & Diana Ruffin with 4 for 10.92#s their BF 4.89#s... 7th place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 5 for 10.21#s. 8th place Larry Haywood & Chris Clark with 5 for 8.06#s their BF 3.71#s... 9th place Mike Abel with 4 for 7.62#s. his BF 4.17#s.... 10th place Kevin Mills with 3 for 7.37#s his BF 4.98#s... Those that did not weigh: David Davenport .. Jim James & Scott Whitley... Keith Lynch... Robert Liberatore & Leo Gartland... Congratulations to Jeremy & Steve for 1st place and to Steve for todays lunker... Help spread the word the Memorial tourney is next week end.. Go to Braggin Rights for todays pic..

dennis said:   September 7, 2018 7:08 am PST
Yesterday posting for the Memorial tourney I forgot to mention per-registration. It is now open for registration. To register you must come to the HOLE and bring cash to enter. No checks or over the phone will be accepted. Or you may simply sign up the day of the tourney. So far on the sides we have pasta salad, choc. chip cookies, and Strawberry Cake (my wife's donation that I haven't told her yet).

dennis said:   September 6, 2018 11:02 am PST
The Memorial tournament is coming on the 16th.. Its one of our most looked to events of the year. This year one of our most loyal folks Al Napier will be supplying the Bar B Que and chicken. We will also cooking Hamburgers & Hot Dogs. As usual we are looking to all of you for sides. So come up with your favorite sides or deserts and let us know what you would like to bring. Letting us know early will hopefully keep from getting 5 potato salads and no coleslaw. or no baked beans. I know my wife will make strawberry cake.. Let us know by calling or texting me at 757-409-2957 Remember its FOOD FUN & PRIZES.. we have the raffle and some extra cash kicked into the pot from a couple of folks and if you would like to donate some cash to the pot , we will help advertise your business or charity of your choice. Help spread the word....

dennis said:   September 5, 2018 5:08 pm PST
9-5-18 Wed. nite results: 7 boats . 11 anglers. 2 limits... 1st place Tyler Glazebrook & Nick Koenig with 4 for 9.88#s and Tyler had tonights lunker a pig at 5.54#s... 2nd place Jeremy Gatewood with 3 for 8.39#s his BF 4.75#s... 3rd place Darrell Kidd & Kevin Walton with 5 for 8.38#s their BF 3.48#s... 4th place Joe Glazebrook with 5 for 7.96#s his BF 3.59#s... 5th place David Dozier & Richard Hall with 4 for 6.46#s.. 6th place Jason Parson & Justin Hobach with 3 for 2.99#s... Chris Carlesi did not weigh.. Congratulations to Tyler & Nick for 1st place and to Tyler for tonights lunker....Go to Braggin Rights for tonights pic... Wed. nite the 19th blast off will be at 4pm help spread the word...

dennis said:   September 2, 2018 2:21 pm PST
Trail 9-2-18 results: 20 boats 32 anglers.. 15 limits... 1st place Russell Gammon with 5 for 16.61#s. his BF 3.58#s... 2nd place Josh Clark with 5 for 15.98#s..His BF a pig at 5.37#s... 3rd place Mike Evans & Jeff Garnes with 5 for a very close 3rd 15.97#s But Jeff got the lunker today and close to Josh's BF with Jeffs pig at 5.64#s... 4th place Brian Skeens & Kevin Love with 5 for 15.26#s their BF 4.51#s.... 5th place Chris & DAD Al Napier with 5 for 13.62#s.. and a very close lunker but just another pig at 5.58#s.. 6th place Mike Abel with 5 for 13.58#s his BF another pig at 5.49#s... 7th place Mark London with 5 for 11.42#s... 8th place Kevin Mills & Corey Hamilton with 5 for 11.24#s... 9th place Charles & Diana Ruffin with 5 for 10.98#s... 10th place Jesse Ewing & Charles Duke with 5 for 10.89#s. their BF 4.78#s... 11th place Cathy Brandt & Jim Sumrell with 5 for 9.83#s. 12th place Chris Carmel & Jeremy Gatewood with 5 for 9.01#s... 13th place Richard Hall & David Dozier with 5 for 8.92#s 14th place Eddie Sapp with 5 for 8.49#s... 15th place Chris Carlesi with 5 for 8.36#s... 16th place Brad Busby & Robert Liberatore with 1 for 1.70#s... Those that did not weigh: Jeremy Maye... Perry Gordon & Daniel Moore.. Fred Crawford & Gabe Himmelwright.. Tim Clark... Congratulations to Russell for 1st place and to Jeff for todays lunker... Go to Braggin Rights for todays Pics..

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