Bobs Fishing hole
SAT.TOURN AMENT HOURS safe lite to 3pm

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Wed. nite tourneys start this week on the 14th. 4pm to 15 minutes after sunset or as determined by tournament director.

Bobs 2018 Trail Flyer at Bobs with dates and rules. 1st one is March 4th Also posted on Facebook go to Tournament page for dates.

                Bob’s Fishing Hole

2017 Bass Tournament Trail

1st place Eddie Sapp & Jarred Allbritten

10 fish for 27.99#s


   Dalton Waters & Tim Weddle Memorial  Tournament : 2017
WINNERS are Mike Evans & Jeff Garnes with 19.75#s
Showing: 16-20 of 1718
dennis said:   March 11, 2018 12:50 pm PST
1st Trail 2018 results: 8 boats.. 13 anglers... no limits.. 1st place Fred Crawford & Gabe Himmelwright 4 fish for 11.22#s.. and Fred had todays lunker 4.50#s... 2nd place David Dozier & Sean Vitovich with 4 for 5.47#s their BF 2.33#s.... 3rd place TE Jones with one fish for 4.21#s... 4th place Paul Nolan with 2 fish for 4.09#s.... 5th place Mike Abel with 2 for 3.51#s... 6th place Wayne Hayes & Al Napier with 2 for 2.57#s... 7th place Russell Gammon & John Lane with 1 for 1.74#s... 8th place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 1 for 1.32#s.. Congratulations to Fred & Gabe 1st place and to Fred for the lunker.. Go to Braggin Rights for todays pic

dennis said:   March 10, 2018 8:19 pm PST
Sorry so late posting ,, Working on daughters room new bed shopping etc... Results Bass Chasers 3-10-18: 20 boats 37 anglers. 3 limits.. 1st place Kevin Mills with 5 for 16.51#s... 2nd place Mark London & John Goodman with 5 for 13.72#s their BF 4.90#s... 3rd place Matt Holt & Jon Yost with 5 for 13.04#s.... 4th place Perry & John Gordon with 3 for 9.74#s.. Perry had todays lunker a swamp donkey at 6.64#s.... 5th place Andrew George & Jordan Sanderlin with 4 for 9.52#s. their BF 4.56#s.. 6th place Curtis Barnes with 4 for 6.02#s.... 7th place Craig Anderson & Billy with one for 5.72#s... 8th palce Corey Hamilton & Johnathon Cohen with 3 for 5.64#s.,,, 9th place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 2 for 4.38#s... 10th place Jesse & (maybe) Sean Pearce with one for 3.62#s.... Those that did not weigh: Kevin Love & Brian Skeens.. Josh Clark... Allen & Chris Napier... Joey Cook & Noah Peters... John B & Jeff Beechman... . Jim James & Scott Whitley.. Nelson Anderson & David Dozier.. Tim Clark & James Walker.. Clay & Roland Powers... Jonathan Lyna... Charles Duke... Congratulations to Kevin 1st place and to Perry for the lunker..

dennis said:   March 8, 2018 6:19 am PST
The following post is from Bass Chasers of VA Beach. We will combine our regular Sat. tourney with them and their rules and entry fees. Weigh in is at 4:00pm.: This Saturday we are on the N.W.River. We will be meeting at Bobs Fishing Hole at 5:45 to begin registration and launch. James will be collecting the $35 entry fee inside ALONG with a $5 ramp fee. This is NOT a hp restricted fishery so feel free to break out the big motors if ya got one. Life jackets are not required to be worn while outboard is running, but is HIGHLY recommended. See yall this Saturday!! HELP SPREAD THE WORD !

dennis said:   March 3, 2018 3:13 pm PST
Brian it was not the low water but the wind. You being a military man can understand when that big bug a boo word SAFETY pops up that is usually the word that says it all. Anyway it was for safety for all we were concerned about. No one asked us to cancel. James & I made the decision. Decisions will always make some glad and some mad. Hope you are not mad, but understand. Thanks for posting. Tight lines to all...

dennis said:   March 3, 2018 3:03 pm PST
Results 3-3-18 results: 4 boats..6 anglers.. 4 limits... 1st place Jim Sumrell with 5 for 17.81 and lunker a Northwest pig at 6.85#s.... 2nd place Andrew George & Jordan Sanderlin with 5 for 10.73#s.. their BF 2.93#s.. 3rd place Eddie Sapp & Stan Krason with 5 for 10.51 their BF 2.82#s... 4th place Kevin Mills with 5 for 9.59#s his BF 2.58#s... Go to Braggin Rights for todays pics...

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