Bobs Fishing hole
SAT.TOURN AMENT HOURS safe lite to 3pm

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Bobs Winter Rules & Regs. for bass tourneys Go to Tournament Page for details at bottom of page
Next Saturday Dec. 2nd is start of the 3 fish limit. Check out tourney page..

Crappie Tourneys starting 11-12-2017 . SOME rule  AND Changes. Posting later today.

FOR SALE  5 GALLON DRYWALL BUCKETS  DIRTY  for $0.50 minimum 10 ea. CALL ME 757-409-2957 DENNIS

                Bob’s Fishing Hole

2017 Bass Tournament Trail

1st place Eddie Sapp & Jarred Allbritten

10 fish for 27.99#s


   Dalton Waters & Tim Weddle Memorial  Tournament : 2017
WINNERS are Mike Evans & Jeff Garnes with 19.75#s
Showing: 11-15 of 1672
dennis said:   November 13, 2017 8:19 am PST
See Bobs Winter Bass Rules and regs. on Tournament page. It will be from Dec. 2nd 2017 to February 24th 2018. It will have a 3 fish limit. Hours will be from 8am to 3pm Same entry fees for Saturday. That is $25.00 per person with and additional $5.00 boat ramp. in the 25 is 5 for big fish. The rest of Bobs rules apply.

dennis said:   November 13, 2017 8:13 am PST

dennis said:   November 13, 2017 8:09 am PST
Results Crappie tourney 11-12-17: 7 boats 13 anglers.7 limits... 1st place Corey Lesco & Shaw O'Dell with 8 for 7.21#s.... 2nd place J.C. Pierce with 8 for 6+#s and lunker at 1.05#s... 3rd place Ted Watts & Jesse Costillo with 8 fish for 6+#s.. their BF 1.04#s 4th place Ant & Ronnie McLaughlin with 8 for 5.95#s their BF .92#s... 5th place Rick & Richard Diety with 8 for 4.59#s their BF .75#s... 6th place Richard & David Carnahan with 8 for 3.06#s.their BF .61#s... Dave & Anthony did not weigh... Congratulations to Corey & Shawn for 1st place and to JC Pierce for the lunker... Next crappie tourney on the 4th Sunday 11-26-17.. Nice start to the season. Help spread the word. There are a lot of crappie in the River, just have to weed out all the small ones. This is good for next year, and we should have much bigger fish next year... Also there will be more come in from the North Landing river as the winter progresses.. Please note the corrections.

dennis said:   November 11, 2017 3:59 pm PST
Results 11-11-17 Sat.: 11 boats, 16 anglers.. 7 limits, 1st place Eddie Sapp & Chris Napier with 5 for 11.11#s their BF 3.00#s... 2nd place Robert Liberatore & David Bremerman with 4 for 10.33#s and Roberts lunker at 3.27#s.... 3rd place Josh Clark with 5 for 8.70#s his BF 3.10#s... 4th place Russell Gammon with 5 for 8.23#s.his BF 3.07#s... 5th place Cliff Hoggard & Scott Rock with 5 for 7.23#s... 6th place Steve Albertson with 5 for 6.71#s... 7th place Wayne Hayes & Al Napier with 5 for 6.35#s... 8th place Brian Skeens with 5 for 5.48#s.. 9th place Andy Morath & Zach Rubie with 4 for 5.27#s... 10th place Jim Sumrell with 3 for 3.50#s... Mike Abel did not weigh Congratulations to Eddie & Chris for 1st place & to Robert for the lunker.. Go to Braggin Rights for todays Pics.

dennis said:   November 10, 2017 4:31 pm PST
One of our friends was arrested in NC on the charge of failure to pay back child support. The arresting officer did not even give him any kind of warrant. In the past when he was behind they always gave him notice and a chance to get the funds together. But not this time. He did not have prior notice from the former wifes attorney, notifying him the $1,500.00 was due and past due. He needs help! We have 3 people that have chipped in $200.00 each. So now we only need $900 more.. Joe Derezinski has promised to repay everyone that helps him pay these funds, until he can figure out how they could come up with the amount they say he owes. The son is now 18 as of July 4th 2017. When he made what he thought was his last payment even the court recorder that he paid , said it was his last payment. Anyway he needs help. If you can find it in your heart to help him in the short term, take the money to James at the HOLE. Joe wants me to tell anyone that helps him, THANKS and he promises to repay every one ASAP..

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