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19  Wed. nite launch 4:00 pm starting on August 30th. Help spread the word.   Lets talk it up.

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2017 Bass Tournament Trail

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   Dalton Waters & Tim Weddle Memorial  Tournament : 2017
WINNERS are Mike Evans & Jeff Garnes with 19.75#s
Showing: 11-15 of 1639
dennis said:   September 16, 2017 11:57 am PST
Sat. 9-16-17 results: 11 boats . 16 anglers. 8 limits... 1st place Kevin Mills with 5 for a great sack of 17.41#s.... 2nd place Clay & Roland Powers with 5 for 15.28#s and Roland had todays lunker a NW River hog at 6.69#s.... 3rd place Eddie Sapp with 5 for 12.18#s 4th place Richard Hall & Dave Dozier with 5 for 11.55#s.. 5th place Charles & Diana Ruffin with 5 for 9.94#s... 6th place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 5 for 9.62#s.. 7th place Keith Lynch with 5 for 9.26#s... 8th place Robert Liberatore & Brad Busby with 5 for 7.76#s.. Those that did not weigh: Brian Skeens... Mike Abel.. Perry Gordon.. Congratulations to Kevin for 1st and to Roland for the lunker.... Tomorrow Bobs 2017 Trail event.. Spread the word..

dennis said:   September 14, 2017 8:25 am PST
Wed 9-13-17 results: 5 boats.. 9 anglers.. No limits.. 1st place Duane Kessel & Craig Davanport with 2 for 5.20#s and the lunker award for a bass weighing 3.52#s... 2nd place Jim Sumrell with 2 for 4.73#s his BF 3.40#s 3rd place Bob Glass & Bill Sanders with 2 for 4.38#s their BF 2.94#s.. Those that did not weigh: Jeff Hayden & JP Newsham... Daniel Maloney & Dylan Linzhan... Congratulations to Duane & JP 1st place and lunker... This coming Sunday is our next open Trail EVENT for September the 17th.... Hope to see ya @ the HOLE... So we give everyone plenty of notice we will NOT host A Saturday tourney on Oct. 28th. On that day the top 20 anglers will be competing in our 2017 Classic. This will be a two day event. Hope to see everyone Sunday afternoon Oct. 29th for the weigh in and trophy presentations.

dennis said:   September 10, 2017 5:15 pm PST
Results Memorial Tournament: 31 boats. 59 anglers... 20 limits. 1st place Mile Evans & Jeff Garnes with 5 for 19.75#s their BF 5.90#s. 2nd place TE Jones & Matt Jennings with 5 for 18.42#s... 3rd place Mike Miller & Chris Fretard with 5 for 17.33#s and Chris had todays lunker with a real beauty 7.99#s.. 4th place Lloyd Sanderlin & Tony Shawler with 5 for 17.36#s. 5th place Joe & Tyler Glazebrook with 5 for 16.07#s. their BF 5.35#s. 6th place Eddie Sapp & Jared Allbritten with 5 for 15.96#s their BF 4.57#s. 7th place Kevin & Geophery Mills with 5 for 15.86#s their BF another NW River beauty caught by Kevin 7.14#s. 8th place Mark London & John Goodman with 5 for 14.10#s their BF 5.32#s. 9th place Mark Ingram & Gabe Himmelwright with 5 for 13.37#s. 10th place Charles & Diana Ruffin with 5 for 12.73#s. 11th place Chris & Allen Napier with 5 for 12.59#s. 12th place Steve Albertson & Jeremy Gatewood with 5 for 10.76#s their BF 3.88#s. 13th place Bob Glass & Bill Sander with 5 for 10.64#s... 14th place Paul Nolan & Kevin Powell with 5 for 10.35#s 15th place Derek Hayden & JP Newsham with 5 for 10.26#s. 16th place Brad Busby & Robert Liberatore with 5 for 10.05#s. 17th place Keith Lynch & Jonathan Cobb with 5 for 9.95#s. 18th place Chris Carlesi & Joey Derezinski with 5 for 8.55#s. 19th place Mark Mortez & Joe Cobb with 5 for 8.19#s.. 20th place David Keisel & Aidan Kenin with 4 for 7.28#s.. 21st place Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt with 5 for 5.83#s. Those that did not weigh: Larry Haywood... David Dozier. Wayne Hayes & Al Napier. James & Grayson Baker . Bart Gore & Noah Williams. Richard Hall & Kevin Poloy... Ray Cobb & Richard Rease. Ian VanDyke.. Jeff Hayden & Don Carter. Jonathan Cohen & Corey Hamilton Congratulations to Mike E & Jeff G for 1st place they took home $864.00 and to Chris F for the lunker. Finally the mystery weight goes to Mark Mortez & Joe Cobb for having the weight closest to 8.25 with theirs at 8.19#s

dennis said:   September 9, 2017 1:26 pm PST
Results 9-9-17 Sat.: 11 boats. 16 anglers.. 6 limits... 1st place Geophery Mills with 5 for 18.68#s.. and the lunker with a monster NW River bass at 8.09#s... 2nd place John Goodman with 5 for 14.23#shis BF 4.89#s. 3rd place Eddie Sapp with 5 for 11.48#s... 4th place Robert LIberatore & Brad Busby with 5 for 10.87#s their BF 3.89#s.... 5th place Charles & Diana Ruffin with 5 for 9.11#s......... 6th place Jim Sumrell & Cahty Brandt with 4 for 7.12#s... 7th place Chris Carlesi & Joey Derezinski with 5 for 6.31#s... 8th place Greg Dick with 2 for 2.96#s.... Those that did not weigh: David Davenport ... Perry Gordon... Tim & Amber Clark.... Congratulations to Geophery for 1st place and today's lunker... Shows he has learned the trade from Dad , Kevin Mills... And John G. can catch a fish without his younger counter part. Go Men!!! Hope to see everyone in the morning for the Memorial tourney. Lots of food fun and maybe some prizes... Bring the families.. All Welcome to come out and eat till the food is gone...

dennis said:   September 6, 2017 6:00 pm PST
Folks, I owe you all and my friend James Waters an apology. for I have not posted the request that each of us who will be at the HOLE on Sunday, honor him by participating and bringing a side dish to go with barbecue and fried chicken. so sorry I have neglected getting this post out. This year once again two companies will be donating cash to go into the prize pot. Possibly a third company will also be donating cash. So if you want to bring a dish let us know, so we don't end up with 5 pans of baked beans and no cole slaw. Thanks for putting up with this old man. You can call the store, post here, or send me a private email of dish or desert you will bring, and I will attempt to keep a running post of the side dishes as we are notified. Laura Padgett is bringing a blueberry desert.

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