Bobs Fishing hole
SAT.TOURN AMENT HOURS safe lite to 3pm

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Bobs Winter Rules & Regs. for bass tourneys Go to Tournament Page for details at bottom of page
Next Saturday Dec. 2nd is start of the 3 fish limit. Check out tourney page..

Crappie Tourneys starting 11-12-2017 . SOME rule  AND Changes. Posting later today.

FOR SALE  5 GALLON DRYWALL BUCKETS  DIRTY  for $0.50 minimum 10 ea. CALL ME 757-409-2957 DENNIS

                Bob’s Fishing Hole

2017 Bass Tournament Trail

1st place Eddie Sapp & Jarred Allbritten

10 fish for 27.99#s


   Dalton Waters & Tim Weddle Memorial  Tournament : 2017
WINNERS are Mike Evans & Jeff Garnes with 19.75#s
Showing: 6-10 of 1672
dennis said:   November 25, 2017 4:01 pm PST
Sat. 11-25-17 results: 14 boats.. 23 anglers.. 3 limits.. 1st place Mark Ingram & Gabe Himmelwright with 5 for 11.48#s... their BF 3.17#s... 2nd place Russell Gammon with 5 for 9.20#s and todays lunker at 3.18#s just eased out Marks 3rd place Eddie Sapp & Stan Krason with 5 for 7.42#s... 4th place Ian VanDyke with 2 for 5.46#s his BF 3.01#s.. 5th place Kevin Poley & Dave Dozier with 4 for 5.05#s,,,,' 6th place Bruce Taylor & Ben Alexander with 2 for 2.24#s.... Those that did not weigh: Wayne Hayes & Al Napier... Bob Glass & Allen Napier .... Cathy Brandt & Jim Sumrell...John Goodman... Brian Skeens.... Robert & Dave Liberatore... Charles & Diana Ruffin.. Mike Abel... Congratulations to Mark & Gabe for 1st place and to Russell for todays lunker... Go to Braggin Rights for todays pics.. Tomorrow is all about Crappie...

dennis said:   November 24, 2017 3:48 pm PST
Black Friday tourney results: 11 boats.. 18 anglers.. 5 limits. 1st place Josh Clark & Kevin Mills with 5 for 11.92#s their BF 3.51#s... 2nd place Nelson Anderson & Donnie Turley with 5 for 9.77#s their BF 3.34#s... 3rd place Brian Skeens & Kevin Love with 5 for 8.79#s their BF 3.36#s.. 4th place Curtis Poggenpohl with 4 for 7.76#s and he had todays lunker at 3.92#s... 5th place Russell Gammon with 5 for 7.23#s... 6th place Mark London with 5 for 7.20#s... 7th place Cathy Brandt & Jim Sumrell with 3 for 5.36#s their BF 2.31#s.... Those that did not weigh: Mike Miller & Dwayne Likens.. Scott Rock & Cliff Hoggard.. Al Napier & Wayne Hayes... John Goodman.. Congratulations to Josh & Kevin for 1st place and to Curtis for todays lunker..

dennis said:   November 18, 2017 5:36 pm PST
Results Sat. 11-18-17 : 13 boats.. 16 anglers..4 limits.. 1st place Mark London with 5 for 15.76 AND the lunker award a chunk at 4.56#s.... 2nd place Wayne Hayes & Al Napier with 5 for 9.68#s their BF 3.21#s.. 3rd place Bob Glass with 5 for 8.04#s... 4th place Ian VanDyke with 2 for 7.72#s his BF 4.29#s... 5th place Curtis Poggenpohl with 3 for 7.07#s... 6th place John Goodman with 5 for 6.44#s.... 7th place Mike Abel with 2 for 2.61#s... Those that did not weigh: Brian Skeens .... John Harmon... Steve Bailey... Jim Sumrell & Cathy Brandt... Robert Liberatorre & Dave Bremerman... David Dozier... Congratulations to Mark London 1st place and todays lunker award... Help spread the word about Black Friday Tourney .. Better than shopping.. Give the little lady a few bucks, enough to make her happy , then come on down to the Hole.. Its a win win for home and hearth.. ..

dennis said:   November 18, 2017 5:22 pm PST
Black Friday tourney 11-24-17: Safe lite to 3pm. 5 fish limit, $30 entry fee covers boat launch, and lunker award. Help spread the word.

dennis said:   November 15, 2017 8:16 am PST
Just in 2018 VA Wildlife Calendars.. Get em while they last.

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